BSFB network which has made me a person blessed with God’s blessings

Ayshi Kha

BSFB is such a network which has brought me to be a person full of God’s blessings. In my difficult times, whether I will get someone beside me or not, I believe that I don’t have worries when God’s strength is with me. I have met with God and have received Him with my heart. I have learned to do Quiet Time from BSFB which has showed me a different world where there are no other people  there but my God and me. I think that the students of school, college and university need to be involved with BSFB and everyone should come to the group Bible study and should be connected with its other ministry activities. As a Christian, we should keep the Quiet Time to enhance our relationship with God. I have understood the value of my life in God, who I am and the gifts I have by coming to BSFB ministry. Please pray for me so I can be a witness for God, can walk on the path of God, and can be connected with Him. I believe that all the students will be thirsty to know God and will get salvation like me. As Christians, we need to be renewed.