Student Exchange Program

Are you interested in cultures, religions and totally different ways of thinking and living?

Then a year abroad might be something for you. BSFB are sending two students to Norway for 10 months. There you will meet students from all over the world, from Asia, Africa, South America, and Norway. Together you will study culture and communications and live in a mix of different cultures, religions, and worldviews. 

You will have a six-month long internship with our sister organization NKSS Laget. There you will be a volunteer and use your knowledge, skills, and culture for their ministry.

You will get new brothers and sisters from all over the world, you will grow in your relationship with God, your knowledge about yourself and your awareness of your own and other cultures.

Does this sound interesting to you?

Then, contact your regional staff of BSFB for more information.


The exchanged students had a great experience through the program of HALD/NKSS and here are their testimonies.

Astrid Fjose

Student from Norway

I am an exchange student from Norway.

During my time in Bangladesh, I learned much about myself, the culture of Bangladesh, the cross-cultural communication, and the faith of Bangladeshi people.

In addition, I have also gotten to know Ruma and her family. Ruma has been my/our Bangla teacher for the first two weeks here. Ruma and her family have welcomed us/my very well. I got several opportunities to participate in her home church, which is held on the 12th floor of the apartment where she lives.

Prince Shanto Das

Bangladeshi student

By God’s grace, I spent ten months in Norway as an exchange student, and those ten months were blessed for me. I learned about Norwegian culture, language, foods, and games, and I have learned a lot about myself, how to communicate with other people, leadership, growing my faith day by day, and lots of other things.

I also work in an international café and it’s part of Laget. In my internship place, I went to lots of churches and praised and worshiped the same God.

It was a really blessed time. So thank you Laget and also thank you BSFB choosing me and sending me there.

Hanna Brennhaug

Student from Norway

Through this exchange program I have learned a lot about cultures, myself, and others. I have been challenged in my independence by entering a completely different culture where I’ve had to rely a lot on other people and learn everything over again; How to speak, how to eat, what to eat, how to dress, how to do laundry, how to do anything really.

Changes like this have made me question first the culture I have arrived at and secondly (and more important) the culture I come from. It has made me more aware of where I am coming from, what I am used to and how I think. It has also taught me different ways of living, more perspectives, and new ways of thinking. I am very thankful for this opportunity to learn.

Anup Pal

Bangladeshi student

I got the opportunity to come to Norway from Bangladesh on the IFES student exchange program through BSFB. I studied Intercultural and Communication, as well as Bible and Christian History at Hald International School.

Europe’s culture, food, weather, language, and almost everything is different from Asia, so I had to go through several challenges, but Hald International School and Lagate helped me a lot to learn the language here and navigate daily life. I think it taught me different ways of living, more perspectives, and new ways of thinking. I am very grateful for this learning opportunity.