We have been serving the students

It is a Student Movement

Students Reaching Students with the Gospel.

BSFB is dedicated to serve the students and guide them to the LIGHT and to be transformed for the glory of God.


All of our programs are designed to give good lessons which are helpful to grow as transformed students who can serve their own families, churches, and society.

Regional Camp

We organize this program to reach the maximum number of students in the regional levels. This program is designed to help the new students so that they can connect with us.

National Camp

It is our national gathering of students where students from all regions come and get fellowship together. It is a great time to know and to encourage each other.

Committee Members Training Camp

This special training program is designed to equip mature student leaders so that they can develop and help other students in their area.

Mission Camp

We organize this training for the students who want to know God's love and blessings and how to share His good news among the people.

Discipleship Training

We want to see the students grow as disciples and lead a balanced life to produce good spiritual fruits in their lives and can help others as well.

Training on Bible Study

We organize this special training to educate the students about how to study the Bible more meaningfully and learn effectively.

Students Album

It is a great joy when we can see the students love to engage themselves in good works and bring glory to Him.


It is great to hear from the students of BSFB how they are being impacted through this ministry.


Piyal Harison Rema

Student, North Bengal Region

BSFB has given me many opportunities to know more about God’s love and how we can share His love through our lives with our neighbors. I always pray for those who do not know the truth. I give thanks to the Lord because He has given me the opportunity to know the truth. As Christ came to the earth from God, so Christ has sent us for the same task. I am very happy and blessed to be involved in this student fellowship and movement and am growing in a love relationship with the Lord.

Sagorika Bairagee

Student, Dhaka Central Region

During the time of prayer for submission when I was confessing my sins to the Lord then the tears of my eyes fell on my feet. I remembered that one woman in the Bible washed Jesus’ feet and wiped His feet with her hair. By remembering that, I put myself in her position and I felt that Jesus came to me. I understood that He has forgiven my sins like he did to that woman. I felt His presence and I imagined that I was in His house. In this way, I have received salvation by getting forgiveness through the submission to the Lord.

Prince Halder

Student, South Bengal Region

CMTC has helped me by learning new ideas, like the attitude of a servant leader, the usages of creativity, and the unavoidable things of leadership. Besides that, my way of life has been changed because of different things I learned here. I also believe that the way this camp has brought blessing in my life, undoubtedly. It will bring blessings to others. I give endless thanks to the ultimate Father that He gave me this opportunity. I give thanks to the BSFB family for this special time and training.