Bible Students Fellowship of Bangladesh

Students Reaching Students with the Gospel


We exist to disciple college and university students and multiply cell groups by partnering with local churches.


To bring students to an experience of salvation, spiritual growth and fellowship in equipping as a Christian leader in transforming individuals, families, churches and the community at large.

Who we are

Bible Students Fellowship of Bangladesh (BSFB) has been working among students since 1974 and affiliated with International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). We are Bible based and Christ centered movement working among the students of universities and colleges, aiming to lead them to Christ, lead them to be servant leaders.

At present we are ministering with chapters (Groups) established in 106 chapters (groups) where 12 years ago we had only eleven such chapters (groups). Over about 1800 students having weekly inductive Bible study. This is a great challenge for us to meet the spiritual needs of the students of this country.

We are …

  • Bible Believing:  That the Bible is the Word of God.

  • Evangelical: Following the teaching and defending the faith of the apostles.

  • Fellowship Oriented: Meeting of those who have tasted the new life.

  • Nondenominational: Drawing students from different denominations, individuals with BSFB are free to hold their own opinions about Church organization, baptism etc.

  • Financially independent: Looking to God in faith and prayer for the supply of all needs.

  • Not a Church: Meetings meant to build up students and graduates in the most holy faith, not to substitute Church services. Infect BSFB provides leaders to the Church.