These are the news of BSFB for the last 3 months (April to June 2021). We praise the Lord that He has blessed BSFB to keep the student ministry ongoing under His sovereign protection.

Corona has taken away the tradition but has given a different speed

38 Zoom fellowships were organized every Friday in 2020. With the coordination of the BSFB central team, there were Group Bible Study Revival Meeting, Using Time during the LockDown Time, workshops on skill development in our Zoom fellowships. Besides that, these Zoom fellowships were inspiring and educational through the session on Successful Initiatives of the Small Entrepreneurs, Overcomer over the Corona disease, Testimonies of different people.

And when almost all the student groups started to gather together, the second wave of the Coronavirus started at the end of March 2021. So, the Zoom fellowships have been started again in Dhaka, Chattogram, North Bengal and the Google Meet fellowships have been started in the South Bengal area. We praise the Lord that more students of the 4 regions have been joining in these regional online fellowships.

I am able to establish my deeper faith in the Lord – Rita Tripura

When I lived in the Bandarban district for my education, since then I was involved with BSFB and when I came to Dhaka, at that time, I also joined the Mirpur group. I am able to establish my deeper faith in the Lord through BSFB. By coming here, I have come to know how to study the Bible and to pray. Now I live in Bandarban, my own area, have been teaching at a Primary School and I always eagerly wait for the time when to join the Chattogram Zoom Fellowship every Friday at 7 pm. As there is no BSFB student group in my area, so I have been receiving opportunities to get blessings and a lot of joyful fellowship through the weekly Zoom fellowships. Truly, I get a lot of lessons and encouragement from every Friday Zoom fellowship. I even can share my challenge, sorrow, and prayer points here. How far I will go in my life, I will keep remembering BSFB. I believe that the Lord loves this student ministry. So, I believe that whoever will join this group will get a lot of blessings.

Our God, our provider

I am Sagorika Rozario. When I lived at the Friends of Bangladesh Hostel, since then, I was involved in the BSFB ministry activities. Now I have a hostel of my own where BSFB has been taking a role to develop the spiritual life of the female students here. But because of the Corona world pandemic as all the students of our hostel went back to their own homes we were living in a huge financial crisis. It was difficult to pay the hostel rent and my own house rent. Moreover, I was going through some other financial pressure of food costs and the other necessary costs of my family. But BSFB came beside me in this difficult time by sharing relief assistance. I deeply realized that our God is the provider. I give my gratitude towards BSFB from my heart.

Graduation of MAOL 2nd batch in BD

It’s a great joy that our 2nd batch of Masters of Arts in Organization Leadership (MAOL) in Bangladesh has finished their academic course which was 3 years long. And the online graduation happened successfully on 19th June 2021 where about 200 people joined from many different countries in the world. There were 11 top leaders from different organizations and churches who graduated on that day. The students along with their families were very excited about this great event. This very practical Leadership Course covered very important subjects like Servant Leadership, Teaching & Learning for Impact, Strategic Thinking, Integrity, and Finance, Conflict Management and Resolution, Research Methodology, Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity, etc. The goal of the MAOL is to transform students into servant leaders who are passionate about revolutionizing their communities, organizations, and ministries for Christ and his Kingdom. This was done with a very good partnership among the DAI (USA), LBC (Sri Lanka), and BSFB (Bangladesh). All glory goes to God.

MAOL shaped my mental model as a person ... my spiritual life.

My name is Cornelius Tudu. I am from Bangladesh and based in Dhaka. I belong to an ethnic community called Mahali. I have been serving in SIL International Bangladesh as Country Director which is committed to serving the minority language communities of Bangladesh so that they can flourish in the community using the languages they value most.

I give thanks to all the teachers, DAI management, LBC management, family, fellow students, and all friends who helped me to add one more feather to my crown. The MAOL shaped my mental model as a person. It has shaped my spiritual life. I learned how to strengthen my relationship with God. Besides discovering my leadership style as a team builder, now I can identify my colleagues’ leadership style what help me to make a good composition in the team before stepping into new initiatives.

It helped me to bring more professionalism and confidence to my leadership. It sharpened my knowledge and understanding in adult learning, organizational strategy, conflict management in the team, ethical issues that I face daily, and spiritual formation. It increased my skills and literacy in financial management and ethnic diversity. It equipped me more in fundraising and research work for my organization. Thanks to you all who contributed to bringing changes in my life through this study.