BSFB History


Bible Students Fellowship of Bangladesh (BSFB) has been serving students since 1974. This is an affiliated sister association of International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES).

Some touchy memories from past

Though the constitution of Bangladesh guarantees freedom, the rise of more radical Islam is affecting Christian witness in many ways. We have a significant Christian presence, but there is still a need for help as the Church is week and feels consistency under threat. There is no place of Educational for Christian to meet or worship. BSFB exists to reach students from diverse culture and denominates with the gospel of Jesus Christ. From a small student cell group in the beginning, BSFB initiated 9 groups in the first two decades. But in the last decade with the blessings of God and the spiritual interests among the youth the no of groups grew now 49 with 956 students. Today there are Christian youth with compassion and dedication started working in various Churches, Community Development Programs, Business Organizations, School, Universities and in other secular fields among the non believers

Many might ask why we can not raise our own funds. Through the Gospel reached us almost 200 years but the structure kept us dependable on foreign funds and on Church for everything. Almost 95% Pastors and associates of all denomination Churches are dependable on mission agencies and foreign funds. A large number of youth belongs to these Churches with the same kind of closed paradigm. The time is now to stand and see beyond if we need to see a blessed Bangladesh with
Christian youth working in various high officials and help the ministry for its sustenance and spreading of Gospel to the non believers. We also planned to send missionaries to the neighboring countries like Bhutan and Myanmar, not just to share the Gospel but to share the learning with their evangelists in how to work in the midst of closed non believers’ community.

BSFB with a small recourse is continuing to spread the gospel and training the students with vision to change the activities for higher and blessed living with its programs all over Bangladesh. A huge amount  is spent every year just to rent the training premises with all other costs. If we could build one training Center for BSFB then this cost could be saved and be used for other necessary areas. This Training center for BSFB then this cost could be saved and be used for other necessary areas. This Training Center could also generate income for BSFB. There is a bid    demand in the near Dhaka to have a good compact Training Center for the other NGO’s or any kind of Christian organizations. Each group wants to have an intensive training program for    their employees a little away from the city. So if we cold build one such Training Center then this would be blessing to the community too. By the grace of God we are able to buy the land and praying to build the Training Center as funds are available. The picture of Training center land is enclosed.

We do have small Hostel facilities in the heart of the city with an accommodation of 25 participants. Today this training center supports 25% of the budget for BSFB. The Hostel facilities is now running at its full capacity and many suggested why not we build one exclusive training center with the same kind of facilities but with an open space and little away from heart of the Dhaka city. Taking there suggestions and based on the need for our students and youth for a better places for training we came with this suggestion to build a training center. The present hostel facilities picture is enclosed.